Meet the 10 Hottest IoT Startups in NYC from R/GA & Techstars Latest Class

It’s the R/GA Accelerator powered by Techstars’ IoT Class of 2015. Ten companies who reflect the fast-growing Internet of Things that is powering connected devices, from homes to offices, from aircraft to automobiles, from beacons to drones, and the startups themselves came from near and far – from London and Honolulu, Seoul and CinCity, and of course, New York – to be in New York and participate in the second Connected Devices class ever, and the first under Managing Director Jenny Fielding.

Without further ado, here are the makers who’ll be spending the next few months as round-the-clock doers, as they prepare to wow us with their contributions to the Internet of Things.


New York, NY

Astro is creating an automated home system of devices that require no installation, no new infrastructure, and no new wireless networks, making theirs the simplest platform on the market.


Seoul, SK / San Francisco, CA

Bitfinder is a portable device and software platform that helps detect airborne and environmental irritants for individuals suffering from chronic conditions such as asthma and eczema.


London, UK

Chargifi provides wireless, location-based charging stations that include a platform for promotional or interactive content. Chargifi ‘spots’ form an intelligent network, providing an opportunity for venues and brands to discover more about their customers’ needs and introduce a platform for real-time communication.

Here’s a quick video of how it works:

Diagenetix, Inc

Honolulu, HI

Founded by researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Diagenetixbrings us Smart Dart, a low-cost, portable diagnostics tool providing food producers, processors, and buyers a start-to-finish view of their pathogen risk.

Freedom Audio

Orlando, FL

Freedom Audio makes fun, durable and waterproof wireless audio products to enhance life’s best experiences. Their next rugged speaker product will be fully connected to your favorite music providers via built-in cellular + wifi connectivity, and a touch screen interface. Music to our ears!


Washington, DC

Simple hardware and powerful software, Latch is a keyless-entry security platform that uses beacon technology to update current telephone-operated access systems, providing building owners and residents with a low-cost and reliable way to distribute manage building access.


Cincinnati, OH

The LISNR supersonic beacon platform uses completely inaudible and encrypted tones that have the ability to trigger content, second screen experiences or data to mobile devices from any source with a speaker, thus creating a comprehensive mobile engagement platform that allows consumers to interact with media and the live environment around them.

One Million Metrics

New York, NY

1MM creates connected systems for workplace. Their first product is a wearable device that tracks the physical movements of industrial workers who engage in strenuous tasks, helping to ensure their safety in the workplace. So it enables companies to find out when their people are most at risk of injury, and take measures to prevent it.


Reno, NV

Pinoccio is an IoT maker kit that allows you to build wireless, web-enabled projects in minutes – mesh-networked, open source and Arduino compatible. And we’re not kidding.


Ann Arbor, MI

SkySpecs’ Air Bumper technology is a hardware-enabled software system that helps drones avoid collisions automatically, making drone usage more accessible for industrial and consumer applications – and novices. Even drone pilots need a wingman!

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